At CSN Insurance Services in North Las Vegas, Nevada we are tasked with ensuring your organization is protected from financial loss. The importance of maintaining employment practices liability insurance cannot be understated.


In today’s business climate, employment practices liability insurance is now more important than ever. Does your organization hire employees or independent contractors (1099 Independent Contractor as defined by the Internal Revenue Service)? If you answered yes, there exists the potential for a dispute to arise between you and them. What if an allegation is made by a prospective employee that he/she was not hired because of their race, religion, or sexual orientation? Again your company may be subjected to a financial penalty (in the form of a regulatory sanction or lawsuit on behalf of the aggrieved party). Imagine a current employee filing a lawsuit as the direct result of inappropriate advances or any other form of harassment from their supervisor. Yet again, your company may be subjected to a financial penalty. And lastly, what if an employee alleges he/she has been wrongfully terminated? By now, you must realize your company may be subjected to a financial loss.


Such disputes have become increasingly common in recent years as the frameworks of our Federal and State governments respectively afford employees and independent contractors alike the legal mechanism to formalize their allegations with relative ease. In the State of Nevada, the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) is a staunch advocate for employees who believe they have been victimized by their employers.


The financial ramifications alluded to in the preceding paragraphs can be crippling to a small business. However, the insurance industry professionals employed by CSN Insurance Services, can craft an employment practices liability insurance policy that will minimize your exposure while simultaneously affording you peace of mind.

Protecting your company’s assets for its stakeholders is absolutely of paramount importance. At CSN Insurance Services our team of insurance industry experts has the knowledge and experience to ensure your liability is minimized while your protection maximized while seeking the competitive quote in the insurance marketplace.

Take this opportunity to schedule your appointment with our team, by calling (702) 399-6200. The aforementioned is perhaps the most important call you will make all day, so don’t delay, call today.

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