You have realized the “American Dream” and closed escrow on the purchase of your new home or perhaps you have purchased a home, which you plan to use as an investment property/rental property. In either scenario, CSN Insurance Services has the relationships with many of our nation’s largest insurance carriers, which will ensure you are afforded coverage designed to exceed your expectations while remaining competitively priced.


What factors will affect the premiums paid for your homeowners policy? The features and characteristics of your home, such as age, structure type, wiring type, roofing materials, and type of siding (brick, stucco, vinyl siding, etc.) most definitely affect the insurance premiums paid for your homeowners policy. The physical location of your home, its proximity to emergency service providers (fire stations) will impact the insurance premiums paid for your homeowners policy. Protective devices such as burglar bars, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and monitored alarms all play a role in determining the insurance premiums paid for your homeowners policy. And lastly, personal factors, such as whether or not you smoke, your credit score, and claims history can all affect insurance premiums paid for your homeowners policy.

For many, their home represents their single largest investment. Navigating the complex world of risk management and asset protection is a job for qualified insurance industry professionals. Did you know bundling your home and auto policies may result in a reduction of your monthly insurance premiums?


Allow the experts at CSN Insurance Services to evaluate your situation and determine the most appropriate course of action. Simply call (702) 399-6200 in order to schedule your private consultation with a member of our team.

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