In the State of Nevada, in most instances, an employee is not able to sue their employer as the result of suffering a job-related injury if the employer has secured workers’ compensation insurance as required by Nevada Revised Statutes. This benefit is designed to protect employers in the State of Nevada from personal liability and the potential costs associated with job-related injuries. Afford the insurance industry professionals of CSN Insurance Services in North Las Vegas, Nevada the opportunity to evaluate the myriad of workers’ compensation insurance options available in the marketplace on your behalf.


Workers’ compensation insurance is a no-fault coverage for employees who suffer a job-related injury or illness. Because the State of Nevada has “exclusive remedy,” the benefits designated for an injured worker are set forth in a statute, and deviation above what is mandated is a rare occurrence. Operating within the framework of the statute, selecting appropriate coverage limits, and securing a workers’ compensation policy which is competitively priced in the marketplace gives your business a competitive advantage. Given what is at stake, allowing the insurance experts at CSN Insurance Services the opportunity to mitigate your risk, seems to be the most appropriate course of action.

Protecting your company’s assets for its stakeholders is absolutely of paramount importance. At CSN Insurance Services our team of insurance industry experts has the knowledge and experience to ensure your liability is minimized while your protection maximized while seeking the competitive quote in the insurance marketplace.

Take this opportunity to schedule your appointment with our team, by calling (702) 399-6200. The aforementioned is perhaps the most important call you will make all day, so don’t delay, call today.

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